The Wizard Of OZ (1939)

wizard of oz film cells 1939
The Wizard Of Oz Film Cell Memorabilia


When I was a little kid I don’t remember how many movies I watched in color or in the black and white format but what I do remember is “The Wizard of Oz” and how excited I would become every time I watched that movie. If you had a T.V when your were a kid in the 80’s chances are that you definitely have seen the “The Wizard of Oz “.

The Wizard of Oz not only became a foundation among itself but also played a key role for laying the foundations for modern culture, as well as being reported to be the most viewed movie in history! This is undeniably true because to this day I haven’t seen a single child whose face doesn’t light up when he is watching the movie. I was no exception; the movie in itself is a piece of art and a cherished memento for modern culture.

The story follows a little girl named Dorothy Gale, Dorothy is a normal girl who gets caught in a tornado and ends up in a magical world that is full of dangers. In the new magical world she is transported to she makes 3 friends, ‘Hunk’ / The Scarecrow, ‘Zeke’ / The Cowardly Lion and ‘Hickory’ / The Tin Man. The story follows how the 4 of them help each other and accomplish more than they could alone, learn more about themselves, and improve themselves for the better. I for one think that the movie fills the void in a child’s heart.

Up till a certain age all children regard their home as their entire world, in most cases children become intimidated by the outside world, The Wizard of Oz fills the void of unknown fear in the hearts of children teaching them a valuable lesson that no matter where you are if you have friends and companions you can get through even the gravest of situations. The movie does have great acting and an vast imaginative story but it is the deepest insecurities of childhood that still drive people to watch this timeless classic even today.

Director Victor Fleming along with quite a few behind the scene technicians brought this movie to life in the most amazing and imaginative way. The visual fantasy that is created truly takes a child’s imagination on a ride of wonders. Keep in mind back in 1939 there weren’t any computers or computerized graphics to add visuals to the movie. Every bit of the movie was pure hand crafted by the finest stylists; technicians and Director to stand pave the way for the modern era.

If you are someone who didn’t get the chance to watch this piece of art when you were kid then you can watch The Wizard of Oz online or order The Wizard of Oz DVD.



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