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Movie reviews & Synopsis.

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Information on all our favorite movies and how to get your very own piece of film cells memorabilia!

Tune in for the latest Movie trailers & previews, unique weekly synopsis and reviews, we watch each and every movie and rate them! That’s how we roll!

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www.film-cell.co.uk is committed to providing the very best of film memorabilia and framed film cells, only using the most exceptional quality 35mm film cell footage to create our framed memorabilia.

Film cells or sometimes known as movie Cells are clippings taken from 35mm film footage from the movie titles in question then mounted and framed to create film memorabilia. If you would like to order any of our products you can do this by visiting us at our film cell website.

We also sell on Ebay & Amazon

We can also be contacted by email on:  info@film-cell.co.uk

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and look out for our upcoming 35mm film cell memorabilia related posts!

Limited Edition Film Cells


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