Star Wars Return Of The Jedi (1983)

35mm film cells return of the jedi star wars

Star Wars Return Of The Jedi is the last episode (was) of the Star Wars franchise. All around one of the best movies of its time but as is the case with almost all trilogies no finale is able to live up to the height of the first two. After “Star Wars: A New Hope” redefined science fiction, and “The Empire Strikes Back” redefined “Star Wars” as a franchise It would be near impossible for the third and final installment to outdo the previous movies, but despite all odds George Lucas was able to release another masterpiece that was the perfect end of a near perfect story. The only problem with the Star Wars Return Of The Jedi is the Ewoks,. For those who don’t know what an Ewok is they are furry and somewhat cute but have absolutely no relevance to the entire movie. To this day I have never found a reason besides merchandise marketing for them to be in the movie.

The story starts of from the devastating cliff hanger we were left at the end of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. The movie never focuses on one part of the story for too long and keeps constantly changing to other main characters. The first part starts with an escape plan that brings the incredible suspense and action the first two movies brought us. The second part follows the alliances final stand against the Emperor. The entire battle between the alliance and the Emperor is extremely well done, the fight scene are just mind blowing and since I was actually at the theater to watch it, I can say for sure through the entire second part of the movie everyone was at the end of their chairs, the suspense and excitement were just mind blowing.

The climax is definitely more packed with action than any other part of the movie or any previous movies, mainly because everything the alliance had worked for was on the line. The final battle scene continuously changes between the ground battle between the alliance strike crew on land which Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Leia are a part of, the battle raging on in space, and the final confrontation between Luke and the Emperor on the new Death Star. I will be honest when the fight between Luke and the emperor shifted to Luke and Vader, I was seriously on the edge of my seat. There were naturally some scenes where things didn’t make sense at all, rather there was only one in which Ewoks (furry and cute) take on and win against the Storm troopers. There were some major surprises by the end of the film that no one could have saw coming, making Star Wars Return Of The Jedi a film that must not be missed for any Star Wars fan.

Since the new Star Wars The Force Awakens helmed by Disney has officially brought back the series, it’s the perfect time to watch Star Wars Return Of The Jedi online or on bluray or better yet watch the entire trilogy if you haven’t seen them yet. I can guarantee you won’t regret it!


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