Star Wars A New Hope (1977)

A New Hope Film Cell

Star Wars A New Hope also known as Star Wars, is the very first movie in the star wars franchise that heralded the age of one of the first and most gigantic action space operas. Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope is called the 4th episode of the Star Wars series even though it was the first movie.

If you haven’t been living under a rock your entire life, then it’s impossible that you would not have heard of the Star Wars A New Hope. Star Wars since the release of Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope has become one of the cherished and widely acclaimed franchises in not just the united states but also around the world.

Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope follows the story of a young man named Luke Skywalker , that lives on a farm on the planet Tatooine with his Aunt and Uncle, which soon get vaporized by the Empire (the big bad organization) troops. Thus, begins the adventure of the young Luke Skywalker with an old Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo a bad boy space ship pilot, a wookiee named Chewbacca and two droids on a quest to save a princess, over throw the empire and return order to the force! Additionally, you should know that the movie revolves somewhat around a planet destroying master weapon that has the potential to destroy the galaxy called the Death Star. If the name doesn’t give it away, it’s a giant planet size sphere that shoots a laser and wipes out planets! To this date, the scene where resistance fighters are all fighting desperately to get in that one sweet shot that takes the whole thing down, is among the most intense and suspenseful scene in cinema history!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch the movie at its time of release, so I really can’t tell how people felt back then. I decided to ask my dad and he described it as “I got the tickets for the opening day at the theaters a couple of days in advance. I remember every scene, every character, every distinction of star wars; having faithful etched it into memory forever, as if I would never again be able to see this beloved, magnum opus.” Then we talked a lot about Star Wars and ended up watching the entire series in one night. It was great for some father son-bonding till the part where Leia kisses Luke, then it got real awkward real fast ( not telling you why!).

Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and The Star Wars Franchise in general is a piece of art and is by far one of the finest and most well established franchise to date. It’s a great series to watch alone and with the family. I highly recommend you watch Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope full movie online or by the Blu-rays and have yourself a great time.


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